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If hip-hop’s most central tenet is to keep it real, Angel Haze passes with flying colours. Ever since she first started putting ferocious, cathartic mixtapes online as a teenager, it’s been her raw, unvarnished honesty that has seen her accrue a devoted following as she’s carved out hitherto uncharted territory in the genre. Willing to address subjects that few others are, and able to do it in a thrillingly unique way, Haze’s hip-hop confessionals strike a chord with fans who see their lives reflected in what she talks about.

‘Echelon’ (It’s My Way) the first single to be taken from Haze’s debut album ‘Dirty Gold’, has been produced by Markus Dravs and will be released 14th October through Island Records. ‘Echelon’ (It’s My Way) is a tremendously propulsive hip-hop summer jam that showcases her underrated sense of fun, returning to the rat-a-tat chat that she does with such panache. “I’m in that new-school G5 wagon, colour of a komodo dragon,” she brags with her typical inventiveness.


2012 saw Haze take her work to the next level: ‘Reservation’, technically a free mixtape, found her rapping over original beats for the first time – and the resulting work was as tight, coherent and accomplished as any album. The clattering braggadocio of ‘New York’ and ‘Werkin’ Girls’, both accompanied by suitably sinister videos, saw her gain both blog buzz and radio traction, with the former A-listed at 1Xtra.


Hailed as Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World Right Now’, ‘Echelon (It’s My Way)’ is both the perfect bookend to Haze’s mixtape period and introduction to ‘Dirty Gold’ – a sonic world all of it’s own. ‘Dirty Gold’ promises the out-there sonic experimentation that marked Dravs’ work with Björk and the widescreen, stadium-ready feel that characterised his work with The Arcade Fire and Coldplay – all topped with Haze’s words of rage and deep feeling, as rapid-fire and passionate as they’ve ever been.


Angel Haze recently played the BBC Radio 1Xtra Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival and is still to performing at Bestival Festival along with headlining London’s Birthdays 5thSeptember 2013.