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Doleboy Millionaire Ft Fem Fel + Shola Ama
‘Good Life’

‘Good Life’ is the first single from Doleboy Millionaire and features the vocals of Fem Fel + Shola Ama on this retro tinged Hip Hop/R&B banger… Mixes come from form of Matty Roots ‘ House/Broken mix, Cutmore’s floor filler mix, Gils’ Reggae Dubplate mix and more..

PR Below

Doleboy Millionaire is the brainchild of Kay and Gee, two North London production wizards who were strangely brought together by Michael Jackson!

No lie ..

Gee wrote for MJ and Kay played keyboards on tour with him, The 2 became firm studio buddies after discovering that they had the King of Pop in common .

“Well it’s that simple-our PR person asked us have we had any career highlights – and we thought hard about it…we then realised that having been in or part of the “engineroom” for a multimillion seller like Jacko it doesn’t come much bigger or better and you kind of understand about the thrill of the ride in this business”

Both had made it to the centre stage of doing music for some of the biggest entertainers in the world- /Jay Z/Santana/Diana Ross/Mick Jagger etc the list goes on and on..

Their understanding of staying in the game drew them together.

“For us the studio – is a working playground – we laugh – drink coffee-
– play a bit more until something feels Doleboy Millionaire’ish.”

Sleep however is not on the agenda for the DBM’s

“Naah we don’t like sleep-we have no respect for sleep”

They continue..

“We call on vocalists and rappers and then harass them until the song is

In the case of this tune The Brit Award winning Shola Ama and Fem Fel were
just right for us-They heard the backing track and Shola in her cool way
stated casually”yeah…ive got something that will rock that” Fem Fel’s
reaction was equally instant-he received the backing track on the way back
from Manchester and by the time he got off the train he called Kay stating
yep ive finished the lyrics-they just came to me on the train”

There is definitely a Doleboy sound.Its new and fresh but has its past
written on its sleeve.

And there is definitely a Doleboy ethic.

“We make great records that contain a lot of sunshine and we never over
crowd a beat-That is what Doleboy Millionaire is all about-Destructive
simplicity thru speakers – we love album concepts – and believe that u
should be able to listen to one without stopping- ”

We are not slaves to one vocalist and we fuse electronics with live so we
have a new feel but have oldskool ambitions – hellishly good tunes are
what we live to make-that is obvious to say but very important to us- we
have seen enough to realise that sanity is an undervalued commodity-and
we like sanity”

Doleboy Millioanires 1st album”ALERT THE MEDIA” will be released in 2013.

Good Life is the 1st Single to be released from the album. Aug 2012

It will feature the cream of up and coming artists.