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Round of applause for BuzzFeed! They just did an exhaustive study of the porn stars and “booty models” that NBA players love to follow on Twitter. And, we found out a few things from it:

One, NBA players are completely unaware of the fact that we can see who they’re following.

Two, there are a lot of chicks out there that we need to be following right now.

And, three, Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson is shameless when it comes to following porn stars. Seriously. If you’ve got XXX anywhere in your Twitter handle, Twitter bio, or Twitter feed, he’ll follow you!

Click through the thumbs and check out some of the most popular porn stars and models in the NBA and the players who are following them. And then, check out BuzzFeed to see all of the girls that made their list. These chicks have these NBA players looking like straight-up groupies right now.

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[via BuzzFeed]

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